The Friday Cartoon

Our very own cartoonist Edward Carter has spent some considerable time doodling football, and in this series he had a weekly cartoon for our readers, some based upon the comics of the past.

The Friday Cartoon, Early: DO THESE MEN HATE ENGLAND?

In a departure from the norm on 200% this evening, we have handed over this week's cartoon slot to Ed Liddle of The Football Spectator, who has some very strident opinions on the subject of... well... we're not entirely sure, as it goes. Mr Liddle (whose nickname is...

The Friday Cartoon: An Elephant In A Football Kit

This week's cartoon, by Dotmund, sums up the way that many of us seem to be feeling about football at the moment. You can follow Dotmund on Twitter by clicking here. You can follow 200% on Twitter by clicking here.

The Friday Cartoon: England Win The 2022 World Cup

As some of you will already be aware, the chairman of the Football Association, Greg Dyke, has targeted the 2022 World Cup as his aim for English football, even if that means spending nothing on grassroots football in the intervening years and there are no English...

The Friday Cartoon: Dotmund’s Clubs In Crisis – Arsenal

This morning's Friday cartoon is part one in a series of "as many as Dotmund can be bothered to draw before he forgets what he was doing and wanders off to look at something shiny", and features that well-known most hard done by club in the entire history of...

The Friday Cartoon: Inside The Mind Of Brendan Rodgers

It has been quite an off-season for Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers. The Luis Suarez transfer saga rumbles on without any apparent prospect of a resolution and promising youngster Raheem Sterling was arrested on suspicion of assault. First team players moved on to...

The Friday Cartoon: DVD Frenzy

This evening's Friday cartoon sees our resident cartoon Ed Carter in the DVD section in HMV - yes, they still have those, apparently - looking at the selection of products that are available for sale to football fans and realising that there is a logical extreme to...

The Friday Cartoon: Liverpool’s New Third Kit In Focus

Our cartoonist-in-residence Dotmund, a man well known for his strident opinions on football kits – some of which, quite frankly, are not fit for publication – takes a look at it, as well as other “claret” designs that are currently on the market.

The Friday Cartoon: Sepp’s Puzzle Page

This week's Friday cartoon from our artist in residence Dotmund features the head of FIFA and ruler of the football universe, Sepp Blatter and a little bit of a quandary. Uncle Sepp has just realised that he gave the 2022 World Cup finals to Qatar, and this is...

The Friday Cartoon: The Premier League Zoo

This morning’s cartoon is of a satirical bent, as Ed Carter features a zoo which might sound familiar to the supporters of quite a number of clubs at the moment.

The Friday Cartoon: A Very Modern Kit Launch

There was a time when football clubs would either play in the same design of football shirt for years on end. This, however, wasn’t making anybody any money so in recent years football kits have increasingly started to resemble showbusiness events.

The Friday Cartoon: Football Club Badges Reimagined

In the week when Everton supporters have been up in arms about their club badge being changed without consultation, our resident cartoonist Dotmund has been plundering around in the bins at the graphic design agency to see what else could be in the offing.