Resolution 12 – The Archive

It has been a while since this site addressed ‘Resolution 12,” the 12th resolution (hence the name, no-one’s claiming any great imagination here) on the agenda of Celtic Plc’s 15th November 2013 Annual General Meeting.

The resolution instructed Celtic’s board to request that Uefa “review and investigate” the Scottish Football Association’s (SFA’s) processes for issuing licences allowing its clubs to enter Uefa club competitions. This came from concerns over Rangers receiving a licence to compete in the 2011/12 Champions League, despite having a £2.8m “overdue payable” tax bill, which should have disqualified them for said licence.

And that’s the ‘simple version.’

These concerns have not disappeared over time, however much Scotland’s football authorities wish they would. And the consistent, often wilful, misrepresentations of the issues, by the authorities and Scotland’s news and sport media (often seemingly working together), has hampered understanding of those issues. Now, however, understanding is readily available, on a new archive at:

Resolution 12 Archive

The archive contains chapter, verse, chorus, e-mail, lawyers’ letters, red letters, cuddly toys, woks (one for old ‘Generation Game’ fans there) covering the mountainous work undertaken by Resolution 12’s ‘requisitioners.’ And it is a glowing tribute to their work, exposing the obstacles placed in their path by a governing body whose determination NOT to co-operate with legitimate enquiry does not speak of an organisation at ease with its actions.

The issues are complex, to which anyone who has survived my countless articles on the topic can wearily testify. But the temptation to treat ‘Resolution 12’ as something from which to “move on” should be resisted.

This matter has only dragged on for nearly five-and-a-half years because the relevant organisations wish it too. Had the SFA acted properly, they could have demonstrated as much long ago, without breaching any protocols, confidences or regulations. That they have not done so outlines a tale. The information in the archive tells that tale in full.

Regardless of football affiliation, I would urge anyone and everyone with an interest in football governance and/or a desire for football authorities to be held accountable for their actions to visit the archive. The resolution covered a specific eight-year-old Scottish issue. But THE issues go beyond Scotland and are as relevant and pertinent today as they’ve ever been.

Was Resolution 12 justified? Is it still worth pursuing? I would say ‘yes.’ Twice. But now you can see for yourselves. And decide for yourselves.