Video of the Day: West Ham United vs Stoke City, March 1983

by | May 12, 2016

The party’s over for West Ham United, but there is still one more match to play in the Premier League this weekend before they can shut up shop for the summer. This has been a successful season for the Irons, who will guarantee themselves a sixth placed finish in the table with a win, and might yet be able to snatch fifth place and a spot in next season’s Europa League should Manchester United fail to beat AFC Bournemouth at Old Trafford at the same time. That party starts again in August, of course, when the club takes its controversial place at The Olympic Stadium in Stratford. We might even consider this match to be one of West Ham’s last as a relative underdog of the top flight.

Stoke City, meanwhile, have been determinedly mid-table all season. They go into this match in tenth place in the Premier League, and a win coupled with a failure on the part of Chelsea to beat the newly-crowned champions Leicester City at Stamford Bridge would mean that they would leapfrog last year’s champions to grab ninth place in the table. And while it’s easy to get lost in the idea that these league positions don’t mean a great deal, even a “meaningless” jump from tenth place to ninth place in the table would be worth an additional £1.2m in Premier League prize money. And a defeat for Stoke, coupled with a win for Swansea City in their match against Manchester City, could mean that they drop a place in the final league table, which would cost the club £1.2m in comparison with their current projected prize money.

This morning’s Video of the Day takes us all the way back to March 1983 and a First Division match between West Ham United and Stoke City, a match being played out this Sunday in the Premier League at The Britannia Stadium. Stoke were having a strong season and went into this match in eighth place in the table, whilst West Ham, FA Cup winners three years earlier and League Cup finalists a year after that, were in twelfth place in the table. Commentary for this match comes from Brian Moore.