The 200% World Cup Breakfast: Aussie Rules

by | Jun 22, 2018

Well, what a day of football that kind of just about ended up being. Yesterday’s matches at the World Cup were a matter of the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good came with lunchtime’s match and Australia’s doughty draw with a Denmark team that looked out of sorts. Ther bad was a thoroughly underwhelming match between France and a Peru team who demonstrated amply why this is the first time that they’ve qualified for the finals of this tournament in thirty-six years. The ugly was the capitulation of Argentina at the hands of Croatia. Joining to to talk about it is journalist and writer Gary Andrews, who gives us the lowdown on Australia’s chances of getting through. There’s also a conversation that it’s necessary to have on the subject of handball in the age of VAR. You can download this episode of the 200% World Cup Breakfast by right-clicking and saving here, whilst the 200% podcast’s RSS feed is here and you can subscribe through Itunes here.

This is a reupload of this morning’s, which for some reason failed to hit RSS feeds.

The 200% World Cup Breakfast, Day 8