The 200% E-magazine Has Landed! (Part Two)

by | Oct 8, 2016

Well, it was a few days late but we got there in the end. The second edition of the 200% e-magazine was emailed out to subscribers this morning, and this marks the end of a difficult few weeks for me personally. A couple of weeks into last month, I contracted a virus called hand, foot and mouth disease – not to be confused with foot and mouth disease – which resulted in my hands and feet sweeling up and becoming covered in blisters. Normal service both on the website and with regard to production of the e-magazine because typing had become, well, difficult, but I’m recovered now and the magazine is completed. This month’s edition contains:

  • A tribute to the Caribous of Colorado NASL shirt from 1978, which is possibly the most extraordinary that you have ever seen.
  • Another instalment in our Parking The Coach series by Edward Carter, this month focusing on the man who popularised catenaccio, the ultra-defensive tactical system, whilst managing the Italian giants Internazionale during the 1960s.
  • Our proposals for a “Whole Game Solution” reform for football in England.
  • FIFA’s decision that racism isn’t a thing any more, by Mark Murphy.
  • Taking a pot shot at pre-match “anthems”.
  • A brief history of floodlights.
  • Stanley Matthews saves the world during the Second World War, according to Edward Carter.
  • Match of the Day from 1981, a guided tour of a game in what seemed at the time to be something approaching a terminal decline.

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