Writing about football for the best part of a decade and a half can take a toll on you, so there have been points in the past when I’ve opted to indulge one of my other weirdly specific obsessions – television, old and new, but particularly old. With football headed in the direction that it seems to be at the time of writing (November 2020), what better a comfort blanket could there possibly be than the weirdness and occasional brilliance of the television of the past? So this is my dumping ground for the things that I need to get off my chest on this particular subject. 

I Watched An Episode Of Love Island So You Don’t Have To

That it should have come to this. I, like many of you, work in an office. It is often said that television is a dying medium, that the days of turning up at a time determined by a committee to watch an event on a screen are coming to an end. Live sports,...

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Television Masterpieces: Connections (1978)

British television channels have always carried a certain way of teaching us things in the past, but these have changed over the course of time. In the 1970s, the presenter talked directly to you, sometimes almost feeling as though the...

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Stream of the Week: The Yorkshire Ripper FIles

It's probably not that surprising that the Yorkshire Ripper should have come back into fashion of late. On the one hand, for those of us in our mid-forties and up, Peter Sutcliffe is the first serial killer that we can remember. The hunt to find him became...

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Whatever Happened To ITV?

During Euro 2016, at the end of an evening match, I wandered off to do something else for about half an hour before making my way back to the sofa. The post-match tribulations of the ITV brains trust had reached their conclusion, the credits had rolled,...

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The Eternal Truths of Reginald Perrin

Comedy, it often feels, ages like nothing else. Stand-up routines from twenty years ago have a tendency to look like exactly what they are, the musings and preoccupations of another century, whilst all bar a precious few situation comedies from any era...

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History Through Television: The Rock & Roll Years

There is a generation of people for whom the chiming opening chords of Jailhouse Rock have a double-meaning. It's a generation from forty up, who learned a considerable amount of their history of the twentieth century from a programme which probably didn't...

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