Writing about football for the best part of a decade and a half can take a toll on you, so there have been points in the past when I’ve opted to indulge one of my other weirdly specific obsessions – television, old and new, but particularly old. With football headed in the direction that it seems to be at the time of writing (November 2020), what better a comfort blanket could there possibly be than the weirdness and occasional brilliance of the television of the past? So this is my dumping ground for the things that I need to get off my chest on this particular subject. 

Podcast 242: This is our Everest, Part Twelve – Top Gear

In today's alpha male edition of This Is Our Everest, the lads have been watching Top Gear. However, anyone expecting bants, pranks and racially insensitive remarks will be sad to hear that it was an episode from 1989. As such, our heroes are just as likely to be...

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Podcast 239: This is our Everest, Part Ten – Ulysses 31

On today's This Is Our Everest, Edward and Ian pay a visit to the 31st Century with Franco-Japanese cartoon series Ulysses 31. What they discover is that very little in the 31st Century makes any sense. In amongst their aghast fury at the incomprehensibility of it...

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Podcast 238: This is Our Everest, Part Nine – Nationwide

On today's This Is Our Everest, Edward and a lurgy-riddled Ian tackle the 8th June 1981 edition of the BBC's venerable flagship current affairs magazine programme, Nationwide. There are some particularly strident views about the BBC's archival policies and how well...

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Podcast 236: This is our Everest, Part Seven – Oh Happy Band

On today's This Is Our Everest, the laughter and joviality of the last few editions is brought to a grinding halt as Edward and Ian watch Oh Happy Band!, a comedy series from 1980 that is so relentlessly boring and unfunny it hasn't seen the light of day since. Until...

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