Good evening, everybody. Sunday evening is not a team for reading acres of words. Sunday evening is a time for squeezing those last few hours of relaxation time out of the weekend, for melting into the sofa and switching the brain to that mode marked “bright colours and enjoyable noises only.” So tonight, and every Sunday evening from now on, we’re going to bring you something to help to ease you back into that Monday morning grind and we’re kicking off this evening with a complete episode of “The Big Match” from FA Cup Third Round weekend in January 1987.

This programme was produced for TVS in the south of England, so the accent is slanted towards teams from this part of the country, but there’s still a little something for just about everybody here. The featured match sees Arsenal travel to Elm Park to play Reading, whilst they also have highlights of the match between Aldershot and (then First Division) Oxford United, the Manchester derby between City & United, and a special report on Maidstone United’s trip to play Watford. It’s all hosted by the genial David Bobin.

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