This week’s “Shit Shot Mungo” should also be known as “Mungo Noir, the avant garde masterpiece, directed by Fritz Lang”, according to Ted Carter. Well, he may or may not be right about that but there is definitely a fight between The Goalinator and Mungo McCrackas as well as a seventeen tonne weight in this week’s episode, and it results in two tragic deaths. As per usual, you can find a higher resolution version of it here.

Now is also probably an appropriate enough time to quickly point out that, should you be mad enough to wish to, you can vote me as The Soccerlens Football Expert Of The Year for 2009. I am, at the time of writing, the Football Expert Of The Year in the room in which I am currently sitting (although the cat has got quite a long way through “The Football Grounds Of Great Britain” by Simon Inglis, so she’s catching me up, really). Draw your own conclusions. Finally (and I’m going to keep mentioning this until I get round to putting a permanent link on the page), you can still join the Twohundredpercent Facebook page here.