With an archive as vast as the one that we have on this site it can be difficult to find anything, at times, even with a search button at the very top of the page. With that in mind, we’ve taken the decision to push some of those series out into the open, collected together in the same place for the first time for your entertainment. Click on the names below and they should open new pages for each different topic.

As Bad As Things Got

No football club has an entire history of unbroken success, and this series takes a look back at the past to tell the stories of when our clubs faced their lowest ebbs.

European Championship Stories

Whilst it might have been fun to tell the complete story of the European Championships, we went for a slightly different tack in the run up to Euro 2012 with these series of pieces loosely linked to the tournament between 1960 and 2008. 

Football on Regional Television

It’s fast becoming a distant memory, but there was a time when the second biggest television broadcaster was a patchwork of regional companies whose football coverage was primarily focused on their local clubs. Match of the Day may have garnered all the plaudits, but ITV was where the true depth of coverage was. 

Insert Coin To Continue

In this series, we take a look back over the history of football video gaming, from the humble origins of spots of light being beamed onto a television screen to the sophisticated online games that are played today. It hasn’t always solely been about Football Manager, FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, you know.

Parking The Coach

Our occasional cartoonist and podcast producer Edward Carter wrote this series of profiles on the coaches and managers who have shaped the development of the game in the post-war years. He even included artwork to go with each and every one. 

The 50 Greatest Goalposts of All-Time

They’re the centre of attention during most matches these days, but many clubs don’t seem to care very much about them, these days. So here are 50 weird and aesthetically-pleasing posts and nets from back in the day when these things still mattered.

The Continuing Misadventures of FIFA

We’ve been keeping close tabs on the shenanigans going on at everybody’s favourite world football governing body over the years, with Mark Murphy in particular becoming increasingly frustrated at a body that seems to make three mis-steps for every correct decision it makes. 

The Friday Cartoon

The Friday Cartoon was our weekly dip into cartooning, all produced by Edward Carter. 

The GAA Championship

This summer, Mark Murphy kept readers up to date with goings on in the GAA Championship, Ireland’s tournaments for Gaelic games. 

Those We Have Lost

We’ve lost a lot of football grounds in this country over the last three decades or so, largely crumbling edifices replaced by visions in steel and plate glass. A lot of them may only have been barely fit for purpose, but they’re still missed, as this series on grounds that no longer exist demonstrates. 

Voices of Football

The commentator has become a central figure in the culture of the game. From Kenneth Wolstenholme’s “They think it’s over” to Martin Tyler’s improvised extension of the name “Aguero”, they’ve been the soundtrack to our lives as supporters and we took the time to celebrate some of them here.