Quiz Time: The 200% Top Fifty

by | Apr 30, 2020

So, every Wednesday night on our football Slack, we hold a quiz with fifty questions, and last night it was my turn to set the questions. The scores weren’t particularly high, so I figured it would be fair to throw them open to the world.

There are five rounds in total. They are on:

– General knowledge

– Football on the television

– Former Football League grounds

– Shirt Sponsors

– Scottish football champions.

For the round on former Football League grounds, I’m looking for either the name of the stadium or the club that played there. The shirt sponsors round are all the first shirt sponsors that the club had, and all of the clubs are currently in either the Premier League or the Championship. For the Scottish League champions round, I’m looking for the names of the clubs that were the Scottish champions in the years given, and for the last question there’s a built-in tolerance of 5 either way for the cumulative total given.

There are no prizes, this is just so that you can all curse me for the remainder of time. I’ve tried to make it so that variations on answers register properly (ie, different versions of club names), but I can’t guarantee that it’ll work completely properly. Good luck!

[ays_quiz id=’3′]