Welcome to the podcast page on Twohundredpercent. This podcast has now been running for more than six years, with more than 200 episodes recorded on a range of different subjects. The current incarnation of the 200% podcast is called This is Our Everest, in which Ian King and Edward Carter attempt to drive each other up the wall through the medium of old television programmes. But we’ve also got a vast archive of podcasts for your perusal, including the following series:

Winning at Dominoes

Produced throughout 2019, Winning at Dominoes is a series of standalone podcast documentaries of stories from the history of the game in the UK.

An Echo of Glory

Building on the first series, An Echo of Glory is a history of football in England & Wales spread over twenty episodes.


A ten-part series from the long, hot summer of 2020, Scorchio is a ten-part series in which Ian King and Edward Carter revisit some of the football video games of the past.

Strength in Depth

Strength in Depth was produced in the autumn of 2020. It’s a history of non-league football, told through the constant changes, which kept the amateur and semi-professional games one step ahead of the doom-mongers who have been perpetually prophesising its death.

This is our Everest

Join Ian King and Edward Carter on a television odyssey, as we discover the weirdest, the worst, and the blandest television that we can find from the analogue era in an attempt to drive each other to the brink of a nervous breakdown.

Podcast 304: This is our Everest, Part Fifty – So It Goes, 1976

Get off your arse, because This Is Our Everest returns once again with your heroes watching So It Goes, the Granada TV music magazine show from August 1976. It's a notable programme too, as this was the national television debut of The Sex Pistols, a group of...

Podcast 303: This is our Everest, Part Forty-Nine – Look at Life

On this week's Bonus Everest there's a special treat for all of you long-suffering listeners who miss Ian desperately and are yearning to be free. Because this time, Edward has been joined by Chris Oakley from (among many other things) The Football Attic: Rewind...

Podcast 298: This is our Everest, Part Forty-Four – Bertha, 1985

On this week's This is our Everest, your heroes have been watching an episode of the animated children's series Bertha from 1985. Ian has never encountered Bertha before so he's unaware of the incredible potential of this perhaps sentient machine that can make...

Podcast 295: This is our Everest, Part Forty-One – Splash!

This edition of the podcast is dedicated to Katie Coxall, a bold, daring, brilliant artist and friend of ours who lost her battle with cancer earlier this week. She will be much missed and fondly remembered in equal measure. On this week's This Is Our Everest, Edward...