Podcast 76: FIFA 17, Pro Evo 17 & Rocket League

by | Oct 19, 2016

Many apologies for the slight delay in getting this week’s podcast out to you. One illness has been replaced with another in the King household, so this time I’ve taken a little time out to get some proper rest. You wouldn’t want me to topple over dead now, would you? (“Well yes, actually” is not really an acceptable answer to this question, by the way.)

But I digress. This week’s 200% podcast is on the subject of video games. Now, I know we covered that a few weeks ago, but that episode was really about the games of the past, and this week’s more about the present and the future. So, this week revel in the absolute bemusement of two elderly men looking at the latest FIFA and Pro Evo games – though only one of us has played either of them, but since when did non-participation in a sport prevent one from commenting upon it, hmm? – and talking a little bit about what is probably the best football game out there at the moment, one which involves remote controls, giant balls – stop sniggering – flying through the air and driving up impossible rules.

And for those amongst you who don’t care for such things, I caught some UFC last week and found that to be just about the most baffling thing that I’ve ever seen. Am I alone in believing that this sport proves that you don’t have to worry about dystopian futures. We’re already there.

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