Podcast 72: The Fetishisation of the Manager

by | Sep 17, 2016

This week’s 200% podcast is on the subject of the fetishisation of the football manager. Following last weekend’s Manchester derby, the players of the two teams could barely get a word in edgeways in comparison with the acres of coverage given to Messrs Guardiola and Mourinho, and it certainly feels as though the biggest signings made by any clubs over the last couple of years or so have been those strange men who stand on the sidelines, getting disproportionately angry over a football match. Has this ever been thus, and are we moving away from the celebrities of the game being those that actually play it? As ever, you can download the 200% podcast by right-clicking and saving here, whilst the 200% podcast’s RSS feed is here and you can subscribe through Itunes here. We now also have a Facebook page for the podcast, which you can “like” by going here. And you can support us through subscribing using Patreon.