Podcast 68: Gosh It’s Tosh (& Swansea City)

by | Aug 20, 2016

The eagle-eared amongst you mayhave noted that, during last week’s Premier League preview podcast, we completely forgot about the existence of Swansea City. Well this, we thought, was a pretty terrible oversight on our part, so we thought we’d make it up this morning with a podcast about Swansea City’s 1981/82 First Division season. And to mark the occasion, we thought we’d have a go at writing some poetry in the style of the club’s manager of the time, John Toshack. So, there’s something to look forward to. These for our record, are our poems. Here’s Edward’s effort:


And Ian’s is in this text format (and apologies for getting the date wrong – this poem is called “the 29th August 1981”:

Never say Dai,
I told the team
Before the match.
Flynn’s again awake
And all roads Leeds
To our whites
Sending their whites
Turned yellow with fear
To Elland back.

Vetch, boys
I tell them
Best not to be
Leighton to the pitch.
Get into them.
And all prove to Wales
That these Swans
Are not all at sea.

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