The 200% Podcast 62: Ten Years of Twohundredpercent

by | May 29, 2016

Good morning, everybody! It may not mean very much to any of you lot – and who, after all, could blame you? – but on this day exactly ten years ago we opened this place for business for the first time. It has been a most unexpected decade of course – who in 2006 would ever have thought that, for example, Manchester City would be reach a Champions League semi-final or that Leicester City would win the Premier League? – but here we are, older, greyer, and possibly a little more cynical than we were in the long, hot summer of 2006, still plodding along, doing our thing, changing very little but hopefully making people think a bit.

So, forgive us a little indulgence this morning with a special podcast which marks this ten years, as Edward Carter quizzes Ian King about the best stories, angriest comments and about the other people that we’ve been lucky enough to be able to feature on this site over the course of that period of time. Over the remainder of the day, we’ll be bringing you more bits and pieces to mark this anniversary, and I promise that we’ll shut up about it at the end of today. (Actually, I was almost in two minds over whether to mark this in any way whatsoever, but that’s a different matter.)

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