Podcast 317: The Neil Warnock Show

by | Nov 18, 2021

How many times have all of YOUR toenails fallen out? None, presumably. But one of your regularly scheduled heroes on this week’s Twohundredpercent Podcast’s answer to that question may well surprise (and horrify you). It would certainly interest the subject of this week’s conversation, Professor of Podiatry and English football’s most experienced manager Neil Warnock.

He’s been a controversial figure for much of his career in the dugout, but his recent sacking by Middlesbrough gave both Edward and Ian pause for thought. They’ve realised that actually, Neil Warnock has consistently been one of the best parts about a game that, as Ian explains, only matters when it does.

And as we all mellow with age, the realisation that we’re probably all a little Neil Warnock sometimes is greeted with a Zen-like acceptance by all those who’ve had the fight battered out of them.

This week, we look at both the career and life of one of British football’s most fascinating characters with a fond eye because we’re all grown-ups here. After this, we talk about toenails falling out and bald eyebrows, because we are also idiotic children. Such are the vagaries and complexities of life.

Deal with it.

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