Podcast 304: This is our Everest, Part Fifty – So It Goes, 1976

by | Jul 29, 2021

Get off your arse, because This Is Our Everest returns once again with your heroes watching So It Goes, the Granada TV music magazine show from August 1976. It’s a notable programme too, as this was the national television debut of The Sex Pistols, a group of Dickensian herberts who were about to create a very big (albeit brief) stink.

But what of the rest of the show? Edward and Ian encounter a geography teacher who should be at home with his family burping out some prog rock, Peter Sutcliffe playing upright bass, Peter Cook phoning it in and Charles Shaar Murray being torn a new hole. It’s very possibly the birth of Yoof TV, so now you know who to thank for *that*.

Edward successfully establishes that there was at least one person in the UK not in attendance at The Sex Pistols’ epochal gig at Manchester’s Lesser Free Trade Hall on 4th June 1976, Ian uncovers a potential conspiracy involving Glen Matlock and a microphone stand and we look into the possibility of a TV show about the Mayor of Aberystwyth that involves full-frontal nudity. Business as usual, then. If you’d like to watch what all the fuss was about both then and now, you can find it here.

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