Podcast 300: This is our Everest, Part Forty-Six – The Golden Shot, 1974

by | Jun 17, 2021

On this week’s This Is Our Everest, Edward and Ian visit some game show action from 1974 with The Golden Shot, ITV’s terrifying crossbow-related teatime juggernaut. With Bob Monkhouse no longer on hosting duties, your heroes discover all they need to know about people casting a long shadow. Meanwhile, studio guest Frankie Holmes gives a terrified audience member guaranteed PTSD, something Ian no doubt makes worse by immediately trying to find her on Facebook.

Ken Dodd does five minutes of material about Income Tax reform, demonstrating that he had at least a keen sense of irony if not a commensurate sense of humour. Marxism is dismissed completely out of hand, Ian reveals what he got up to of a Sunday afternoon in 1974 and Edward reveals a deep-seated dislike of The Brotherhood of Man. We ask: why does he hate Britain and democracy so much? If you’d like to see The Golden Shot, you can watch it here.

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