Podcast 295: This is our Everest, Part Forty-One – Splash!

by | May 13, 2021

This edition of the podcast is dedicated to Katie Coxall, a bold, daring, brilliant artist and friend of ours who lost her battle with cancer earlier this week. She will be much missed and fondly remembered in equal measure.

On this week’s This Is Our Everest, Edward and Ian have been watching one of the first Channel 4 programmes, Splash! with David Wilkie from 1982, an intermediate-level instructional television programme about swimming that (seemingly) also dabbles in inadvertent softcore pornography.

Indeed, your intrepid heroes aren’t particularly interested by any of the swimming content on display, giving at least equal billing to subjects like male pattern baldness and the evolution of an accidental combover, the danger of using electronic equipment near bodies of open water, the importance of putting children in their place and pre- and post-pandemic boner etiquette.

The panel are dismissive of David’s special guest, darkly suggesting that ulterior motives unconnected to swimming were largely responsible to their star status while a far more qualified expert is relegated to a few desultory widths at the end. There’s also news of the Top of the Pops motherlode, our ongoing admiration for Bananarama and a largely tangental tale of taking a Swedish woman out to see an elderly soul legend live in concert. If you would like to watch this episode of Splash! you can find it here.

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