Podcast 278: This is our Christmas Everest, Part Twenty-Two – Chas & Dave’s Christmas Knees-Up (1982)

by | Dec 22, 2020

Day 22 of the This Is Our Everest Advent calendar sees Edward and Ian join Chas and Dave for their 1982 Christmas Knees-up. It is a programme that acts as a salve on both of your heroes’ battle-scarred psyches and also one which allows Ian to expand upon his sitcom-worthy childhood family Christmases in North London (or Tier 4, as it is now better known).

Expect pianos to be wheeled in and beer barrels to be breached by people who didn’t really know which end was up. There’s also thoughts on the career trajectory of Eric Clapton, the correct way to woo Patti Boyd and speculation as to the official line of succession to get into The Travelling Wilburys. If you’d like to watch Chas & Dave (and you probably should), you can find it here.

For those of you who haven’t had enough over-exaggerated Cockneyism, tomorrow’s podcast will be on the 1971 Please, Sir! Christmas episode.

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