Podcast 258: This is our Christmas Everest, Part Two – Des O’Connor Tonight

by | Dec 2, 2020

Day 2 (door 2?) of the This Is Our Everest Advent calendar sees Edward and Ian watch the 1991 Des O’Connor Christmas Special and just like Des they’re packing them in. Edward guarantees his bins will never be collected again, Ian summarily chalks off one of Mariah Carey’s UK number 1 singles and Bernard Manning gets a well-deserved kicking.

Meanwhile, Barry Manilow sends corset buttons popping in all directions, Edward gets a tattoo and there’s an unseemly argument about chestnuts which suggests that the pressure of this stupid project is starting to get to our heroes already. If you want to watch some prime Des, you can do so here.

Tomorrow morning, it’s a He Man & She Ra Christmas Special.

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