Podcast 242: This is our Everest, Part Twelve – Top Gear

by | Nov 16, 2020

In today’s alpha male edition of This Is Our Everest, the lads have been watching Top Gear. However, anyone expecting bants, pranks and racially insensitive remarks will be sad to hear that it was an episode from 1989. As such, our heroes are just as likely to be discussing the strange evolution of Top Gear from pokey, dry as a bone motoring magazine programme to international culture juggernaut.

There are also thoughts on Jeremy Clarkson’s schooldays, the price of both super unleaded and the human soul, and the value of an anti-corrosion warranty to Lancia drivers. The Brexit referendum is raked over yet again, and Ian explains the two things that are wrong with motor racing. You can watch too! It’s right here.

Those of you who are watching kalong with us will be interested to know that tomorrow’s episode of this series features Friday Night Live.

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