Podcast 229: This is our Everest, Part One – Whittaker’s World of Music

by | Nov 5, 2020

A second pandemic lockdown has begun, with the prospect of plenty more days sat forlornly in front of the television ahead. Then again, it could have been worse: it could have happened in the pre-digital age. As it is, the fact it is happening now can’t save Edward and Ian from their own stupidity. This Is Our Everest sees our heroes shut inside watching whatever analogue TV had to offer, to see what they can learn. Why? BECAUSE IT’S THERE.

The first episode sees them visit Whittaker’s World of Music, an ITV musical variety show from 1971. Ian provides what is bound to be the first in a series of potted histories of ITV franchises and marvels at the (some would say suspicious) verdance of Ray Dorset’s sideburns. There’s a critical assessment of Rolf Harris’ artistic oeuvre which unsuccessfully attempts to sidestep all that other stuff he did and frequent gripes about the paucity of captioning. Perhaps the producers had decided these were all guests who needed no introduction? History has suggested otherwise. To join in with this absurd project, you can watch the programme yourself here.

For those of you who wish to join us every day on this and are interested in watching along, tomorrow’s edition will feature this episode of Les & Dustin’s Laughter Show from December 1985. Enter at your own risk.

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