Podcast 161: The Top Sixcast

It’s the final podcast of the season. Well, okay, we’re going to start putting out Desert Island Pitch in the summer. And we’re going to do three podcasts for the Women’s World Cup. Oh, and a European Cup final special. And probably some other stuff. BUT OTHER THAN THAT. It’s time to reflect on the absolute state of the Premier League, give out some good boy medals for the 2018/19 season, and give due consideration to what football would be like if all players had their arms surgically removed and replaced by whisks. And not electric ones, either. Over the course of the summer on our Patreon, we’re going to be trialling various things that have been going through our heads, podcast-wise. We may plug in the gaps here with a couple of those. Thanks for sticking with us this season, next season will be even better.

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