Podcast 160: The 200% Mothcast

We’re starting to wind down towards the end of the season on the 200% podcast, so last weekend’s football forms the basis of the bulk of this week’s episode, so there’s a bit of Sol Campbell, a bit on the top of the Premier League, and plenty, plenty more. We’ve got quite trenchant opinions on the subject of the 1978 Carla Lane BBC sitcom Butterflies, as well. But we’re hoping for a big announcement on something tangentially related to that subject in the next few days.

We’d also like to remind you that we have good news for people who enjoy giving us money in return for services. We’re pleased to be able to confirm that we have now set up a Patreon for our subscriber-only podcasts (we’re recording the third Desert Island Pitch this evening with the wonderful Kirsten Schlewitz), with all manner of bonuses on different tiers for different levels of donation. You can find out more about that here.

There’s a bunch of different ways in which you can subscribe to the 200% podcast, of course. You can do so through Spotify, which you can find right here, and you can download it to listen to at your leisure by right-clicking and saving here, whilst the podcast RSS feed is here and you can subscribe through Itunes here. Please rate and review if you appreciate what we do! And if you’re wondering about any other ways in which you can prevent us from wasting away and ultimately starving to death, we also still have our Redbubble shop, for the sartorially minded amongst you.