Before we get started with this week's podcast, apologies to all subscribers who depend on our RSS feed to get to it for the delay in getting last week's through to you. Gremlins in the system, but we got there in the end. Hopefully we won't have the same problem with this week's edition. And while I'm about it, you'll have noticed that this week's is a little later than usual, because we were both away earlier in the week. Our normal schedule will recommence from next week. Thank you for bearing with us.

On this week's 200% podcast, we're actually covering what would have been the second half of last week's podcast had we not overrun on the subject of our first documentaray, Sunderland Til I Die. This week, we're onto the subject of the new AFTV (Arsenal Fans TV) series, Blud Bruvvas, in which they push form their own team and start their own league. It seems to have slipped a little under the media radar. Edward is a fan, but Ian thinks he may be a little old for that sort of thing.

And yes, that is me on image attached to this post. Aroundabout 1982, I think.

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Podcast 146: Not The Target Audience