Podcast 137: Treble Twenty, Treble Nine, Bull

by | Oct 23, 2018

This week’s 200% podcast sees the soccer bag smile very kindly upon us indeed. In this week’s episode, we try to imagine that as of today. this very minute, Jose Mourinho is fired as the manager of Manchester United and replaced with… Sam Allardyce. Yes, he’s back. This is the God-knows-how-manieth podcast that we’ve done on Big Sam, and this week we look try to predict what might happen should this (particularly unlikely) unlikely scenario ever come to pass. This sets a low bar for humour, and regular listeners will already be aware that there few bars that we deem too low. We are not sophisticated men.

But there is a fair point to be made, here. Are we all too harsh on Big Sam? He’s had a very long career in the Premier League, and it’s not easy to nail down a career that long at this level of something as cut-throat as professional football. His own logic is that, if he can succeed at doing the job that he has always been paid to do, why shouldn’t he be able to change according to expectations and the quality of players that he has at his disposal. There are joke answers and serious answers to these questions, and the latter are probably more interesting than the former. The Vice article referred to in the podcast can be found here. Couldn’t find the video of his very early goal for Sunderland. Maybe I dreamt it. Let’s face it, this wouldn’t be completely surprising, would it?

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Podcast 137: Treble Twenty, Double Nine, Bull