Podcast 133: Number One… Elmo Putney

by | Sep 26, 2018

In a tweet sent last week, the question was asked of which players we’d all select to make up winning a five-a-side team from situation comedy characters. We went with this over there – Ever Decreasing Circles and Goodnight Sweetheart were our choices – but for this week’s podcast we decided to extrapolate this to full eleven a side teams, with a combined team showcasing the very best of their talents. Problem is, one of us interpreted how to do it a little differently to the other. So who will win? Will it be the person who selected one show, or the one who decided on a PSG-style team of all talents based on every sitcom from a certain decade? We know you’re aching to find out.

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Podcast 133: Number One... Elmo Putney