The 200% Podcast 129: Why Would Anyone Bet On Spurs To Win?

by | Aug 31, 2018

Time, then, for this week’s podcast. Following on from my hiking japes the week before last, my last couple of days have been characterised by a virus that came and went thankfully quickly but warranted a brief review, and then we’re onto Manchester United vs Manchester United on Monday night – there was, apparently, another team playing in this match, but you’d be surprised to learn this had you looked at the following morning’s media coverage of it all – a quick bit of Queens Park Rangers, and then the creamy filling this week’s podcast. The full-back. Now, I was one of these during a period when we weren’t expected to run as far as they are nowadays, and that provides a stark contrast to the all-running, opposition-beating, goal-scoring beast that we have these days, but who was (or is) right? Me, or the entire rest of the football world?

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Podcast 129: Who would bet on Spurs to win anything?