Long-term readers of this site may well have been wondering what has been going on around here for the last couple of months or so. Well, it should have been reasonably obvious for the last few months that association football has been wearing me down to the point of exhaustion, so in the slipstream of last summer’s World Cup finals I decided that, if I wished to retain my sanity, I should probably start to focus my attention elsewhere a little, and a subsequent complete collapse of the site at the server end meant that I was suddenly and, I have to say, somewhat unexpectedly given the opportunity to rebuild this place.

I decided in the end to keep the old archive alive. Quite asides from the fact that there was more than eight years worth of work hidden away in there, there was also the small matter of the fact that other people’s material was included in there as well. It didn’t seem fair that other people should lose their work because I’d got into a bit of a huff with football. At this precise moment in time, I don’t know where this will all end. Perhaps people will just drift away and I’ll end up shouting into a wind tunnel. Perhaps the site will slowly drift back towards the game as I start to forget just how objectionable so much of modern football is. Who knows?

More than anything else, though, I really enjoyed writing the material that is on the home page of this site now. I’d stopped enjoying writing about football and nothing else, so this has made a very pleasant change. I hope that you guys enjoy reading it as well. though of course you’re under no obligation to. I’m hoping that, over time, we’ll sort out a rhythm which means that the stories from the old site that were importanyt and needed to be told continue to find their way onto these pages. And I hope that you’ll be here to see it happen. For now, though, I’ve enjoyed sitting at a laptop writing and that, as they say, is a start.

(As an aside, if you wish to contribute to this site, the door is as open as ever, and on a variety of subjects as wide as your imagination. Drop us a line if you’re interested.)

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