The new season is looming, and we are delighted to announce that Mungo will be returning for the new season in the next few few weeks, with Mungo McCrackas having returned to Scotland after his year long stint with Primrose Hill Ramblers in London. Here’s our resident artisan Ed Carter to tell you a little bit more about his return to Scotland. Any similarities to actual events are, of course, entirely coincidental.

Glasgow Paisley have been relegated after going bust, but they have a saviour: Sir Roddy Bulbs. He buys the club and forms a newco under the conditions that he also gets to be manager, that Mungo McCrackas comes with him and that they can change from their dreary and traditional blue kit into red polka-dots (in order to match Sir Roddy’s favourite bow tie). This team are facing up to the new adversity and reality of their situation: having been relegated from the Premier Division, they now have to start in Division¬†One with a scant 25 point head start. Mungo will be back in a few weeks – in the meantime, here are some pen pictures of his team-mates for the coming season. The complete Mungo archive is available for your delectation here.

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