10 Years of Twohundredpercent: Mungo Rides Again

by | May 29, 2016

Those amongst you with long memories will probably remember our cartoon series, Shit Shot Mungo. Over the course of 110 cartoons and a handful of specials, Edward Carter (and later David Squires) told us the story of Mungo McCrackas, a striker who was (almost) inexplicably signed by the Scottish club Heart of Clackmannanshire on a ten year contract that was worth £47m per year and guaranteed that he had to start every match up front and on his own. Such contractual details didn’t overly bother the club’s chairman and magnet magnate Sir Roddy Bulbs, of course, but they didn’t exactly breed the best of attitudes into the player either. Over the course of the next three and a half years, Mungo went into space, was confronted by an evil nemesis robot called The Goalinator and had a whole host of other adventures, before finally coming to a halt at the end of 2012.

Now that we are ten, however, it’s time for Mungo to ride again. Since we were last with him, he has been disgracing himself on national television, having a lost weekend in the desert on the border between the USA and Mexico, getting himself in trouble in the Amercian courts, managing in China, and punching a police horse, and now it’s time for Mungo to return home to take up a new challenge with a new club on the Orkney Islands. Mungo was conceived over a few cans of pre-mixed gin and tonic on a train in East Sussex, and is drawn by podcast co-host Edward Carter. Should you wish to begin Mungo’s odyssey from the very beginning, you can find the complete archive here, while you can follow Edward on Twitter by clicking here or, if you are feeling somehow generous, you can buy some of his tat by clicking here.