Video of the Day: Manchester United vs Liverpool, February 1983

by | Mar 10, 2016

The Europa League has thrown up a little something to please television schedulers this evening, as Liverpool and Manchester United face off against each other in European competition for the first time at Anfield this evening. It says something for the last couple of seasons that both clubs have had that this should be occurring in the Europa League rather than the Champions League, but such considerations will probably be quite a long way from the forefront of anybody’s thoughts as the clubs kick-off tonight.

This is, of course, one of English football’s angrier rivalries, and with neither club looking exceptionally likely – at the time of writing, subject to change, etc – to qualify for the Champions League through finishing in the top four in the Premier League this season, qualifying through winning this competition could be the best chance that they will get. But such practicalities tend not pale into insignificance in comparison with internecine matters in such situations. This matters to Liverpool and Manchester United because it’s an opportunity to put one over on Manchester United and Liverpool. It’s a means to an end in itself.

Our video today takes us all the way back to February 1983 and different, different times. Liverpool were streaking clear at the top of the First Division whilst Manchester United were without a league title since 1967, proof that roles can reverse over time and that no period of dominance is guaranteed to last forever. Still, in front of a packed house at Old Trafford, this match was at least an opportunity for United to remind Liverpool that they were still around. Commentary for this match – which, in case you were wondering, was selected because it ended in a draw – comes from a very young sounding Martin Tyler.

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