The 200% E-Magazine Lands Tonight

by | Sep 1, 2016

Well, we’ve been promising it for the last few weeks, and I’m pretty pleased to be able to confirm that it will be going out on time. The first 200% E-Magazine is now finished and will be sent out to subscribers this evening. We’ve been working pretty hard on it whilst trying to keep the website ticking over since about the middle of July, and I had to rip a couple of bits out completely and start them again, but I think I’m somewhere close to where I wanted to be with it.

So, here’s a quick guide to what’s inside the first edition (in no particular order, apart from my own memory):

– “State of the union” articles on the Football League and non-league football, looking at where the game outside the Premier League stands at the start of the new season.

– Vaughan again. A precis on the former Barrow, Chester City, Widnes Vikings RLFC and Floriana owner, whose feet are now under the table as a sponsor at Bangor City of the Welsh Premier League as a “sponsor”.

– Parking the coach, on the life and times of the former Benfica coach Bela Gutmann, with an illustration of the man himself, all by Edward Carter.

– A portrait of Zinedine Zidane in the style of Paul Gauguin.

– Ten Twitter accounts that you should be following for the new season (but might not be).

– Ten potential CRISIS clubs for new season, from the Premier League down to non-league football.

– The strange pleasure of fluctuating attendance figures.

– Celtic and their Champions League money, by Mark Murphy.

– My antipathy towards pre-season friendly matches.

– A tribute to the Adidas Tango.

– An Andy Hessenthaler-related puzzle page.

So, it runs to thirty-two pages, there are no advertisements in it, and we heartily recommend it to you all. We also welcome your (constructive) feedback. This is the first time that we’ve attempted such a thing and need to know where we’re going wrong and what we can do to improve it.

I do have something that I want to say about the pricing structure for it all. At the time that I set up the Patreon account, the amount that I put on there to receive this magazine was in line with the exchange rate at that time. Since then, however, the Brexit vote has had its effect on the pound to dollar exchange rate, and the suggested fee of $7 is now indefensible, in my view. So, I’ll change that to revise it down. If you are a subscriber, I won’t expect you to carry on paying that amount but I don’t think there’s a way of me changing your pledge amount.

If you don’t wish to subscribe through Patreon, I understand. Drop me a line by email on the Contact page and we’ll figure something out. PayPal is always an option. I do, however, need to strike a balance. The fact remains that 200% needs to start turning a profit, and the fact also remains that I need to pay anyone else who contributes towards it. I’m lucky to have Mark and Ed, who have put up with me with considerable forbearance for a very long time, but this isn’t something that I have a right to expect from anyone.

As yet, I’ve not accepted any of the advertising offers that I’ve received because I’ve considered the offers made to be too intrusive to your experience of the site, but I will have to consider it an option should sales or subscriptions not pick up. I also have it in mind to produce a print edition this, should I be able to to afford the investment to do so, but I can’t at the moment. We shall see. In the meantime, we hope that we’re giving you some form of value in return for your support of this site. The new season is already upon us, and we remain optimistic that we can demonstrate that the – ahem – “business model” that we intend to stick can prove that doing this the right way can work.

You can subscribe to 200% and receive a copy of our new e-magazine today by going through Patreon, right here.