Now, we’ve all done it – slumped down in front of the television or a laptop, wondering what on earth we can do to brighten up the prospect of a live match that we have no particular interest apart from the somewhat ghoulish hope that somebody might hold up a piece of card that says something particularly ridiculous, punch a referee, say something a bit racist and start a fight or otherwise unliven what may, even in The Greatest League In The World™, be an uneventful encounter. Or perhaps you’re just hanging around on Twitter, waiting for someone to say something stupid (don’t worry, it probably won’t be long.) Surely something can make this evening more exciting than it might not be?

Well, worry no more, because 200%’s artist-in-residence Edward Carter has come up with a bingo card that you can use to tick off all of your favourite Premier League phenomena as and when they appear before your very eyes, as they definitely will. Simply click the image below to open it up in full, print it off, tick the boxes, and then wallow in your own excellence when you’ve completed it all, because there aren’t any damn prizes. It’s fun for all the family. Except for those that aren’t interested in football themselves, of course.


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