Introducing… The 200% World Cup Breakfast

by | Jun 1, 2018

It’s been a long time. To be precise, it’s been nine months since the 200% podcast hit the buffers, put there by a combination of not having enough time and Edward and I not being able to commit to being in the same place, once a week, every week. A lot has changed since then, of course, but most important of all we think we’ve found a way of recording it without needing to be in the same place, so what better an opportunity to get back into the saddle than the upcoming World Cup finals?

With this in mind, we’re delighted to confirm that, for the duration of the upcoming finals in Russia, we’ll be bringing you World Cup Breakfast, a fresh podcast, recorded every night after the day’s matches have ended, looking back on that day’s events, looking forward to the next day’s events and, because we have the collective concentration span of a pair of fruitflies, whatever on earth just happens to cross our minds in any particular moment. They’ll be released early every morning, so that you can have a thirty minute blast of our whining and complaining piped directly into your brains on your daily commute to work every single morning.

If you read this and we so much as vaguely know you, don’t be surprised to receive a message from one or other of us, because we’re hoping to get some guests on board to chew the fat with us. Otherwise, if you may be interested in contributing to this podcast, do feel free to get in contact with us. All you’ll need is a microphone of some form and the ability to be available for half an hour or so at about half past ten at night one night during the tournament. We’ll take care of the rest. Probably.

Since the finals start on the 14th of June, the first of these will be available on the morning of the 15th, but wait! In the meantime, and in order to configure the new-fangled technology that we’ll be using, we’ll be recording a couple of warm-up podcasts first, a review of the football year, and a preview podcast for the tournament, which will be out some time during the couple of weeks before it all gets under way. Providing everything works according to plan, the 200% podcast will be returning for the start of the new season in August. Of course, with this being the twenty-first century and all, we have to push subscribing , social media and the like, so for your delectation, the 200% podcast’s RSS feed is here and you can subscribe through Itunes here. We also have a Facebook page for the podcast, which you can “like” by going here.