Football on Regional Television

Match Of The Day receives all the attention with regard to televised highlights these days, but back in the days when highlights were all that were available for the overwhelming majority of the season, broader coverage was often to be found on the patchwork of companies that made up the ITV network. In this series, we took a look back at the output of these companies, which ranged from the frequently innovative coverage of some shows, such as The Big Match, to the homelier output of the smaller companies.

Televised Football In The Regions: Wales & The West

It was always likely that the spread of regional television into Wales would bring challenges that the industry's regulators would find difficult to manage. Television transmitters, after all, will only respect national borders to the extent that those who...

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Televised Football In The Regions: The Beautiful South 

With the serenity of the rolling fields of Kent, the South Downs National Park and the New Forest all sitting comfortably within its boundaries, one might expect that the history of commercial television in this part of the country to have been peaceful....

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Televised Football In The Regions: Yorkshire

It is, some might say, appropriate that the Yorkshire Television region's football coverage should have been occasionally dotted with controversy. From Scarborough and Middlesbrough in the north down to the outer reaches of Norfolk and Humberside, the...

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Televised Football In The Regions: The North-East

With the north-east of England being as fervent in its interest in football as it is, it is perhaps surprising that the football output of its local commercial television station should have always been done on a shoestring. This, however, was the reality...

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Televised Football In The Regions: London – The Big Match

With a plethora of television channels just a click of the remote control away, it can feel difficult to be able to remember a time when, in media terms, we didn't get what we want, when we want it. Anybody over the age of forty, however, will readily be...

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