The Xmas Box Set: Football Hurts, Wimbledon 2008

by | Dec 24, 2016

Well, it’s nearly time for Christmas, and that means a welcome break from all of this for a couple of days. Feel free to insert your own jokes at this juncture. We’ll be back on Boxing Day with a but of a run-down of what has been going on over the course of the start of football’s own Christmas rush, but as we’ve done in previous years we’re going to spend the break bringing you some videos from that vast archive of copyrighted material, YouTube, and we’re kicking off today with a trip back in time to that period when AFC Wimbledon was still a non-league football club.

Football Hurts was produced in 2008 by Nuts TV. At that time, it was starting to feel as though the Wimbledon story might be grinding to something of a halt. The club had been in the Premier Division of the Ryman League for three consecutive seasons, crowds seemed to have levelled off, and the automatic accession of the club no longer felt like the pre-ordained story that it was a couple of years earlier. Nuts TV, however, arrived at Kingsmeadow at just the right time. Under the managership of Terry Brown, Wimbledon’s team was headed towards the play-offs for a third successive season. Would it be third time lucky for the club?

As we might expect from a documentary about a smaller club, there’s no lack of inside knowledge going on in Football Hurts, with founders Kris Stewart, Marc Jones and Ivor Heller, as well as current chairman Erik Samuelson, all being interviewed. And for those of us who were around the club at the time, seeing manager Terry Brown with players such as John Main and Marcus Gayle again is a welcome bit of nostalgia at the end of this strabnge and unsettling year. We’ll have more Christmas videos for you over the next three or four days.


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