Video of the Day: Everton vs Liverpool, November 1982

by | Apr 20, 2016

It’s not often that we select a right pasting as a daily video here on Twohundredpercent. Today, however, we make an exception to that rule because this particular pasting was dealt by the hand of a striker who would go on to become one of the most prolific of the 1980s. Ian Rush. Rush had signed for Liverpool from Chester City in 1980, but his first couple of years at Anfield only saw a gradual breakthrough into the Liverpool team. Coupled with this, the considerably smaller amount of football that was broadcast on the television meant that Rush’s name took a while to percolate through. It would require broad national exposure to really demonstrate his talents to the nation.

By the end of the 1981/82 season, Ian Rush had scored thirty goals in forty-nine matches for Liverpool, but without an international tournament or a major cup final in which he starred, Rush remained about as low profile as a top striker at one of Europe’s most successful clubs could. In England he already had a fearsome reputation, but the match that would really seal his name was a Merseyside derby played at Goodison Park in front of the television cameras of the BBC. Liverpool had already featured on Match of The Day four times that season, going into this match. Liverpool were top of the table on goal difference from West Ham United and Manchester United, but there had been little hint of the ease with which they would go on to successfully defend their league title by the end of this season.

What followed at Goodison Park against a mid-table Everton side was one of the outstanding individual performances of the early 1980s. Those who didn’t know the name of Ian Rush at the start of this game certainly did by the end of it, and Rush would go on to score well over two hundred goals for Liverpool. And it all started against the team that he supported as a boy. Commentary comes from John Motson.

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