Euro 2016: Chris Oakley’s Alternakits – Group C

by | Jun 8, 2016

It’s time then, for another round of Euro 2016 alternative kits, designed for us by Chris Oakley because the kits that have been designed by the manufacturers for the teams taking part in this summer’s European Championships have been a pretty dreadful bunch. This evening we’re up to Group C, which features the current world champions, Germany, and the lowest ranked team left in the tournament, Northern Ireland. You can find more of Chris’s designs over at his home for such matters, Kitbliss, and you can follow him on Twitter by clicking here. group-c-ger

Germany: I felt it might be nice to evoke a sense of Germany’s past with a 1970’s-style black v-neck on the shirt and some 1950’s-style hooped socks. Take away some of your traditional Adidas frippery (i.e. their three-stripe motif on the sleeves) and you have a pared down retro vintage kit that is almost worth writing home about. For the away kit, Germany should ALWAYS be in green and white, so that’s what they’ve got. Simple, but assured.


Northern Ireland: I’ve gone a bit left field with this one by giving the Northern Irish team a Kappa kit similar to that worn by Italy in 2000. Some understated piping and stitching is pretty much all that’s needed to provide a welcome contrast to the current Adidas offerings. I realise Northern Ireland have worn blue on their kits long into the past, but it just doesn’t work for me. Green and white is all that’s needed, so that’s all you get from my design.


Poland: Once again, I have to fall back on my memories of 1970’s football by resurrecting a great kit from the past, namely Poland’s 1978 round-necked classic. As ever, it’s given a modern twist, and the temptation to adorn the kit with unnecessary flashes and devices has been easily avoided. Less is more, and the same applies to the red away kit which is equally evocative of a golden era of Polish football.


Ukraine: I’ve given Ukraine my Puma template and it looks clean and crisp, if I do say so myself. Not much else to say except I like the boldness of a kit that’s predominantly one colour, and both these kits seem to reinforce that view.

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