Euro 2016: Chris Oakley’s Alternakits: Group E

by | Jun 10, 2016

It’s time then, for another round of Euro 2016 alternative kits, designed for us by Chris Oakley because the kits that have been designed by the manufacturers for the teams taking part in this summer’s European Championships have been a pretty dreadful bunch. This evening we’re up to Group E, which features FIFA’s number two team in the world, Belgium, and the occasional under-achievers and occasional over-achievers, Italy. You can find more of Chris’s designs over at his home for such matters, Kitbliss, and you can follow him on Twitter by clicking here.


Belgium: Red and black should both feature strongly on Belgium’s home shirt (in my opinion), so I’ve ensured that’s the case along with the yellow trim that’s also a vital component. As for the away kit, that’s predominantly white. Both kits are inspired by the Admiral outfits worn by the Belgians during their purple patch of the early 80’s.


Ireland: I’m quite pleased with these two. With another nod to the traditional, we have a small ‘flappy’ collar, no fussy flashes or motifs and (take note, Nike) shoulders and sleeves that are in a different colour to the body of the shirt, but not ridiculously so. The away kit is white with orange socks which will no doubt annoy some people, but they really ought to get out more.


Italy: I thought it might be fun to try designing an Adidas kit for Italy, seeing as they haven’t previously had one. (Can’t be long to go now, eh Adidas?) My home kit features shadow stripes and a white ring neck along with the usual three-stripe shenanigans, whereas the away kit celebrates the simple beauty of the single blue band across the chest that goes back to the 1960’s, if not earlier. Ideally I’d do away with all the three-stripe stuff on both kits to present a very basic look but, well, they probably deserve a little recognition as the notional manufacturer.


Sweden: I don’t know what it is. Some countries just look better in a round-necked shirt. Sweden is one, and here they have one. For the away kit, I hark back to a lovely equivalent from the late-1970’s. Blue shirts and socks, white shorts and a little yellow here and there.

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