Euro 2016: Chris Oakley’s Alternakits – Group B

by | Jun 7, 2016

As we mentioned on here last night – and will no doubt will do again repeatedly over the course of the next few weeks – the kits being used by the vast majority of teams taking part in Euro 2016 are a disgrace. With this in mind, we asked friend of the site Chris Oakley to come up with replacements for every nation taking part, and last night we put up those that he had designed for the teams in Group A. Today we move onto Group B, which – in the real world, at least – features England wearing something designed by a seven year-old who’s had too much Sunny Delight and Russia in what may or may not be carpet material. You can see other designs by Chris over at his site, Kitbliss. You can follow him on Twitter too, by clicking here. group-b-eng England: When I think of English football kit design, I think of Admiral – arguably the greatest English kit designers of all. My kit is therefore ‘made’ by them, but also tries to embody the simplicity of Umbro’s 2009 all-white England outfit. There’s also a stylistic nod to Umbro’s England kit for Euro 88 on the shirt cuffs too. The away kit… well that has to be the classic red-white-red of 1966. What else could it be? group-b-rus Russia: Like Dotmund, I’m a big fan of those old Soviet Union kits that had CCCP writ large on the front of the shirts. These kits bring that tradition up to date with the word ‘Russia’ written in Russian because, well, it’s Russia. The tone of red used for the home shirt is not the bright version of the old Soviet team, moreover the darker hue worn by the modern-day Russia team. group-b-svk Slovakia: My Adidas template gets rolled out again for this one, but I think it looks rather fetching in Slovakian blue. Rather than going with Puma’s current all-white colour scheme, I think the Slovaks would look better with blue shorts on the home kit. Away from home, I’ve gone with all-blue and some traditional Adidas trim in white. group-b-wal Wales: As with the England kit, I’ve used Admiral for this Welsh equivalent on account of their classic ‘tramlines’ kit of the late-1970’s. Tempting though it was to do a modern version of that design, I’ve instead used the same template as that used for my England kit, albeit with a two-tone red shirt and a red-white-green look for the home kit that makes use full use of the colours of the flag. The away kit is in all pale yellow, just as Admiral would have wanted. Please don’t forget that the content on this website takes a lot of hard work to complete and maintain. You can support independent writing through becoming a patron of Twohundredpercent by visiting here. Your support means the world to us.