Dotmund’s Eureaux Tapestry: Day Two

by | Jun 11, 2016

Well, the first day of the 2016 European Championships is over and it’s reasonable to say that it was a pretty dismal one for the English, at least. We’ve already addressed the disturbances in Marseille last night on these pages, so it’s probably time for a little light relief in the form of day two of Dotmund’s Eureaux Tapestry, which will be telling the story of this summer’s European Championships through the medium of a Bayeux tapestry-esque illustration. So, featuring no-necked melts in England shirts, trigger-happy, tear gas wielding gendarmes, and happily celebrating French people, here’s the second instalment of this epic saga. (Click on the image to expand it to full-size.)


Eureaux Tapestry

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