Christmas on 200%: Those Glory Glory Days

by | Dec 27, 2015

Over the last few days, we’ve been taking a break from words here on Twohundredpercent in order to bring you some football-related television from the past. If you happen to be watching from a desktop or laptop and find that the entire video doesn’t fit, try minimising the size of the window a little and you should find that this does the trick.

Following on from yesterday’s offering, today on Twohundredpercent we bring our Christmas break to a close with a showing of Those Glory Glory Days, a 1983 made for television film written by the sports journalist Julie Welch which tells the story of a group of Tottenham Hotspur supporting girls during the double season of 1960/61 and a later attempt by one of them to break into the world of sports journalism.

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