Christmas on 200%: Bostock’s Cup

by | Dec 24, 2015

Over the next few days, we’re going to be taking a break from words – unless anything extraordinary happens – in order to bring you some football-related television from the past. If you happen to be watching from a desktop or laptop and find that the entire video doesn’t fit, try minimising the size of the window a little and you should find that this does the trick.

Today we continue our brief holiday television schedule with Bostock’s Cup, an ITV comedy-drama from 1999 starring Neil Pearson and Tim Healy charting the – fake, of course – progress of a Third Division team to the FA Cup final a quarter of a century earlier. Some of the jokes are a little on the heavy-handed side, but there’s some nice period detail to be found here, in particular the star striker who will only refer to himself in the third person.

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Photograph used courtesy of Homes of Football via Wikipedia commons.