…Until We Meet Again Some Sunny Day

by | Sep 22, 2017

There comes a point at which you have to admit that you’re over-stretching yourself. Some of you may already be aware of the fact that the Twohundredpercent podcast has been put on indefinite hiatus after 102 episodes, but this isn’t the only thing that’s changing around here. In addition to this, as of the start of next month the Twohundredpercent magazine will also be closing its doors.

So, let’s take these two decisions one thing at a time, then. We’ve been podcasting on Twohundredperent for something like three and a half years, now. Over the course of that time, the listenership has grown slowly and we’ve developed, I like to think in my more lucid moments, a style entirely of our own. However, life gets in the way. I currently work somewhere between a fifty and sixty week in my real life job, and the reality that I came to face over the course of the summer was that the windows during which I could reord a podcast had been narrowed down to a couple of hours late on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

This is clearly untenable, if I’m looking to record every single week. We’ve managed to squeeze in a couple so far this season, but it’s clear and evident that the current format and timings couldn’t continue. I’d like to think that it will return in the future, but the truth of the matter is that I can’t absolutely undertake to that at the moment. I might hold out hope that it can return once “the dust has settled” in my life, but I’m increasingly coming to the realisation that this particular dust storm may never settle now, that it might just be the case that my life going forward is to be one perpetual dustbowl. We shall see.

And now the Twohundredpercent magazine is going to follow it. When we kicked this off last year, I was quietly optimistic. I was working long hours including overtime, but if the magazine could be made to work from a financial perspective, finding the time for it would have been easy enough because I’d be working less overtime, right? Wrong. I’ve felt blessed by the number of you who did subscribe with us, but there weren’t enough that I could really cut back on the hours that I was working, so the magazine became a burden, to be produced on top of the website, and the truth of the matter is that the numbers simply have not added up.

It’s difficult to say this without sounding bitter, but it feels like a fundamental truth so it should be said. The fact of the matter is that words aren’t worth what they used to be. There were too few subscribers – comfortably less that 0.0001% of the monthly website readership – for me to come out of this without believing anything other than that people simply aren’t prepared to pay for our words. The market has spoken. It’s made its decision. For magazine subscribers, a double, sixty-four page edition will be produced for the first week in October and the Patreon will be closed down thereafter. For those amongst you who do value our work, we’ll put something in place for micro-payments, but what form exactly this will take I don’t know at the moment.

In the meantime, if you’re a potential advertiser or sponsor, please get in touch. Some readers may not like the idea of this site having sponsored posts or banner ads, but an alternative to this has been in place for more than a year and few people chose to take us up on it, despite a link to do so being at the foot of every single post on the site over that period of time. In accordance with current advertising regulations, any sponsored posts will be clearly be marked as such. Above and beyond that, however, who knows how this place will look in a couple of months time?

The fact of the matter is that everything was suffering as a result of me being over-stretched. The website wasn’t being updated anything like as much as I wanted it to be. The podcast wasn’t of a recording quality that I wanted because I couldn’t spend much time poring over it. And the magazine was rushed and late very single month. So, I’ve decided that the only thing to do is to strip this place back to basics and become a website again. No extra bells and whistles that we don’t have the resources to manage. Furthermore, I always promised myself that I would close Twohundredpercent altogether if I stopped enjoying doing it, and the fact of the matter is that I have, because of the pressures under which I’ve ultimately placed myself. It’s been almost eleven and a half years since I started to doing this to stave off boredom during a temporary period of unemployment.

Will there be a change in direction here on the website? Perhaps, perhaps not. But there will be, from me, significant thought given to whether the hours required to produce something for this site are worthwhile or not. Perhaps I’ll sit down this evening and completely redesign it. Perhaps it will carry on very much as it always has done. All I know for certain is that the magazine wasn’t good enough, that the podcast wasn’t regular enough, and the website itself suffered because of the attention that I had to pay to both the podcast and the magazine. And that wasn’t a situation that I could allow to continue.

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and special thanks to the few of you who paid for doing so.