The 200% Podcast: Homework!

by | Apr 6, 2016

Good morning, friends! This week’s 200% podcast is called Old Matches Through Modern Eyes, in which we’re watching four matches from the past and re-evaluating them through the eyes of the modern football watcher. Whether it’s the tactics, the kits or the television presentation, we’ll – probably – have it covered, and if you want to join in the fun, you can watch along with us in advance of Friday evening’s podstravaganza. The four matches that we’ve picked from the archives are as follows:

England vs Hungary: Wembley Stadium, London – November 1953.

Brazil vs Uruguay: Estadio Jalisco, Guadalajara – June 1970.

Netherlands vs Brazil: Westfalienstadion, Dortmund – July 1974.

Denmark vs the USSR: Parken Stadium, Copenhagen – May 1985.

Of these four, the England and Denmark matches above are full matches – shorter highlights are available on YouTube, should you wish to search for them – whilst the other two are extended highlights. We’ll be back on Friday evening with the results of our look at the ghosts of football past.

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