The 200% Podcast 50: Mexico 86

by | Mar 5, 2016

Well, somehow or other we’ve made it to our fiftieth podcast and we thought we’d celebrate in style with – ulp – a ninety minute long special on the subject of what might just turn out to be the last great World Cup finals, held in Mexico in 1986. We’ve got a little about the history of the tournament, a walk-through of the group and knockout stages of the competition, a compare and contrast of the music used for the tournament by the BBC and ITV, and much, much more. Now, because this is a ninety minute podcast, we recommend downloading this at home by wireless – the file size is 49mb and I had to fight a little to get it down to that size – and you can do that by right-clicking and saving here. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the 200% podcast on Itunes by clicking here.


And to get you even more in the mood, here are the BBC’s top twenty goals from the tournament.

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