Our resident pencil wrangler Dotmund was very excited about the prospect of Uruguay playing the Netherlands.  However, we at Twohundredpercent have noticed that some of his match reports during the tournament, whilst replete with things he wished had happened, have been somewhat lacking in the factual department.  As such, we sent him off with an I-Spy fact sheet so that he could accurately record match events as they happened.

This morning he returned with the results.  Sadly, they left much to be desired.

As you can see, it remains in pristine condition.  However, this is not entirely our correspondent’s fault:  the 2010 World Cup continues to elude simple categorisation.  A Dutch side who reached the final by means of solid if unspectacular team play now await a German team filled with youth and flair, or a Spain team who have so far failed to get knocked-out with flying colours.

Last night’s performance was characterised by brief, punchy and devastating moments of great creativity but was hardly Total Football.  It was a timely reminder that past performance makes no difference to the present and that World Cup finals tournaments are about making your own history.